Our Vision

SENSOL Systems, as a company, moves technology and policy forward to improve the built environment systems everywhere. SENSOL’s impact, regardless of the specific built environment system, is a positive impact for both the environment and for its inhabitants. Currently, SENSOL is working on improving pedestrian and non-motorized traveler safety. All technology and hardware is designed to improve the lives of its users and create a closed loop sustainability approach to its systems.

Sensol Team

Our Mission

SENSOL Systems is focused on improving the human systems of the built environment, making them safer, greener, and more affordable for all users. Everyone who drives, walks, bikes, or uses public transportation is impacted by transportation safety. We live in a world where traffic incidents are increasing and the overall transportation system is broken. SENSOL is redesigning the crosswalk to make pedestrians 100% visible, while upholding sustainability. SENSOL strives to listen to its users by working with both the local neighborhoods and communities and larger institutions, municipalities, and corporations. SENSOL is making the built environment safer, one solar tile at a time. So the next time you step into a crosswalk, your every step is illuminated.

Core Values:

  1. Embrace and Drive Systems Thinking Change
  2. Strive for Excellence
  3. Seek the Best Environmental and Social Solutions
  4. Be Open-Minded and Creative
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning
  6. Open and Clear Communication
  7. Be Considerate
  8. Be Passionate and Determined
  9. Create an Enjoyable and Fun Atmosphere
  10. Understanding and Care of Others

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